Intro to Portfolio

As technology continues to advance and people are continuously relying on the internet for information and selling/buying product, social media at the same time as exploded. In recent years, I found myself trying to understand what social media was and is, and at the same time I never knew the importance of it. I took this course hoping to understand social media a bit more as well try to help others understand the importance of it. Through the major assignments of this course, I found some interesting insights to social media as well as the writing process behind the posts, tweets, and shareable content.

My blog, Dear First Generation College Students, was a tough process. After learning about what blogs were, how to start a blog, and what content we should have in blogs, we began our own blogs. The topic was to our choosing, but we had to center it on something we cared about, something we were passionate enough to work on and later expand on. My original posts were similar in nature as they both discussed my first day moving into campus. However, after peer feedback and feedback from the professor, I was able to center one post around tips that students can use and the other on my own experiences as a first-year college student. For the first post, “5 Tips You Should Follow for Your First Week of College,” I had to research on tips as well as draw ideas from my own experiences during my first-year and first week of college. And after I found the necessary materials I began to write. And in the meantime, I also had to make sure the post related back to the “Introduction” of the blog, covering the elements and goals of what my blog was intending to do. The “Introduction” served as a thesis statement for my blog, something the readers can revisit to see if I talked about my key points.

Another major assignment we had was the Social Media Content Strategy Proposal and Team Presentation. We were each paired into a group and had to plan a social media strategy guide for a company that was struggling with social media. My partner and I each brought a company to the table with a Social Media Executive Summary, which summarized the key points of a company’s effectiveness and ineffectiveness. After looking over each summary, we then decided on the company that struggled the most and at the same time one we could work with to gain social media prominence. For this assignment we chose Kinder’s BBQ. We each broke up roles and wrote difference sections and then came together to discuss what we wrote. We came across many difficulties during the research and writing process such as finding current or up-to-date information and statistical data. However, after scavenging the internet for a while, we came across relevant information pertaining to our social media marketing guide. We also needed to find information related to Millennials, the main target audience of our social media proposal. And while the team presentation was similar in nature, we had to direct our presentation to the CEOs of the company. We had to pitch the idea in 10-12 minutes and cover the relevant information as well as provide a campaign strategy. Our main campaign happened to be a Holiday-based campaign which saw Kinder’s BBQ celebrate multiple holidays instead of a few.

This course was interesting because it taught me about the effectiveness of social media as well as why we should all be on social media. There are only a few reasons why people and companies would not be on social media, but again those reasons are few. Take for example Apple, they lack social media presence but somehow manage to sell their products in the millions because of a loyal fan base. And through social media, that is our goal, to create a loyal fan base that could potentially buy our products, read our information we post, or watch our videos. However, the challenging part of this course was finding information, especially statistical data, on social media. While social media is not extremely new, there is a lack of information throughout time on how social media has progressed and whether something else will eventually take over. For now, we need to enjoy the use of social media. And this course has taught me that anyone can use social media, and if you are not, then you are possibly missing out on some of the most random, yet interesting, information out there. Whether it is breaking news on Twitter, such that it becomes a trending topic, or a viral video on YouTube, or even breaking news filled with likes on Facebook, society needs to be on Social Media because society is social media. Overall, my perspective has changed on social media use by professional and political users because they need to use it. The majority of millennials will soon begin to vote and have a say in our laws. At the same time, millennials are also becoming the force that will either buy or not buy your product resulting in either a positive or negative net product for your company. Social media, along with this course has taught me a lot, but the most important thing is to be on social media.


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